Cinephonix UI
GUI design - elements, type and modular components for Cinephonix; a best-of-breed site and management platform for this new production music agency.
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Cinephonix Website GUI
Cinephonix is a cutting edge production music library offering carefully selected, quality music with simple, straightforward licensing for use with TV, advertising, video and the web. In a very competitive marketplace the agency requires a powerful, solid platform to stand out from their competition and attract the attention of a demanding, technically-proficient audience.
Common GUI Elements
Media Player GUI Elements
Text Use
For those who know what they're looking for the site features a unique track filtering system. Custom filters react instantly to the choices the user makes. Filtering by mood, style, tempo and track length the library can be very quickly browsed by removing incompatible options and reducing the huge catalogue of tracks down to the most relevant items.

Users searching for production music concepts and ideas can experience the library in their own way, at their own pace through a host of features. The site includes staff picks, a spotlight on composers, a very comprehensive industry knowledge base and is backed by an instinctive keyword search system and themed playlists prepared by the administrators at Cinephonix. Members and non-members alike can create favourites lists, purchase through the site and view their purchase history with simple account management tools. The site was designed and produced entirely in-house by Profission.
GUI Components

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